Perthshire Fitness Therapy

Perthshire Fitness Therapy

Perthshire Fitness Centre Perthshire Fitness Centre

Amanda McWilliam Dip.PT Dip.ST M.B.T.E.R

Kirsty McWilliam E.C.B.S

• Personal Training
• Sports Massage
• Bowen Technique
• Cardiac Rehabilitation
• Vibrogym Instructor
• ASA Swim Teacher
• Horse Vaulting

Perthshire Fitness Centre
Perthshire Fitness Centre Perthshire Fitness Centre

Perthshire Fitness Therapy

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Kirsty Mob: 07784 119 377

Amanda Mob: 07719 201 626

Perthshire Fitness Therapy

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Different Approaches, the Same Result:
A Fitter & Healthier You

Personal Training

Why do I need a personal Trainer?
We all live such hectic lives, our leisure time is precious, therefore it is a great investment in your money and time. To work effectively to achieve your goal, you must have a goal to achieve! Personal training is the answer.

For example : If you want to improve your fitness - what does that mean?
It could mean different things to each individual!
Being able to run to catch a bus; being able to keep up with your children; making every day life easier; not feeling so tired all the time.

Working my stomach muscles on an exercise ballYour fitness goals are specific to you, it is important that your exercise is relevant to your goals, is progressive, achievable and fun!

How we can Help?
We would carry out a lifestyle and fitness consultation to discuss your personal goals; medical history; and to record blood pressure (lung power, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, body fat measurements, aerobic and anaerobic capacity, if required.) We will then design your own specific, fitness programme.

Where would you train?
Based in Killiecrankie, between Pitlochry and Blair Atholl in Highland Perthshire, we can offer fitness sessions in the comfort of our private gym. Your training can be an exclusive 1 to 1 session, a joint session with a friend or a group of friends (maximum 4)

Alternatively we can design a programme for you to carry out in your own home, train outdoors with you i.e.; run, cycle etc or a combination of all.

Vibrogym Training

New training and Rehabilitation concept- Vibrogym Vibration Plate!

Exercising my legs doing lunges on the vibrogym at PFTNo Time To Work Out? - No Excuses!
Full Body Workout 20 Minutes.

• Are you recovering from injury or illness?
• Are you training through injury?
• Do you want to increase your fitness?
• Do you want to make lifestyle changes?
• Do you need some help to head you in the right direction?

We can help with all these!

We have one of the few commercial Vibrogym machines available in Highland Perthshire.


Your training is 1 to 1 with an experienced trainer to ensure correct posture for each exercise.

Circuit Class

Bring along your friends and exercise together!

Circuit classes of up to 16 friends, to work on those bums and tums and have fun at the same time.

Flex & Tone Class

Flex & tone band class is a new exciting concept of adding resistance loops and dance resulting in becoming fitter, more toned and improving flexibility! Dance the pounds away having fun! Private sessions available.


Amanda has worked for many years working with hundreds of cases of Rehabilitation from people that have had heart attacks, strokes and brain injuries to people having had back surgery, broken legs and arms.

Running Club

Do you have a love of running? Come and join Perthshire Fitness Therapy’s running club. We meet on Friday morning at 7.30am in Pitlochry. Unfortunately running club is cancelled due to bad weather and will resume ASAP when the weather improves.

Perthshire Fitness Therapy
Perthshire Fitness Therapy
Perthshire Fitness Therapy